Gold Foil Valentine

How To Gold Foil

Hello friends and welcome February! The new color inspiration challenge is up on the Clearsnap blog and I have a new video to share with you too. Have you been dreaming about adding gold foil to everything in sight since Heidi Swapp’s new machine was released? Me too :)

I think gold foil would looks great on any card, and if you are getting ready to make your own wedding invitations it will be amazing! Continue reading

How To Add Foil on Fabric

A few of us from the Clearsnap creative team are excited to share some ideas today for using gold foil! I’m sharing an easy way to add foil on fabric and I can’t wait to see the rest of the projects too. Please join us for this little blog hop and a giveaway too.

Gold Foil Fabric

Gold Foil. Mmmmm. I love the pretty, shiny, luxe look of it and the truth is gold looks good with everything. So happy that this trend is here to stay. So rather than using paint, which tends to look flat, have you been wondering about ways to DIY a little gold foil into your life? Me too and I am so happy to have found a way.


Well I suppose I should give the credit for figuring this out to my husband. He seemed pretty amused that I was trying to figure out the perfect amount of time for glue to dry for it to be just tacky enough for the foil to stick. He’s the type who just knows how things work and he’s not afraid to rub it in my face. That is, after I pulled “common knowledge” on him.

He was complaining about the mower no longer cutting well. To which I say, that’s because you always mow when the grass is wet. Duh. Isn’t that just common knowledge? You’re not supposed to do that.

Well apparently it really bruised his manly ego, cause that was 6 years ago and I am still hearing about it today.

“You don’t know how many feet are in a mile, Sabrina? Well isn’t that common knowledge?!”

“How many pounds are in a ton? You should know that, it’s common knowledge!”

How-Gold-Foil-Fabric-Clearsnap-Sabrina-Alery-3 Yeah. He brings it up as often as possible.

So I’ll give credit to my clever husband for figuring out a way to get gold foil to stick to fabric. Because waiting the perfect amount of time for the glue to be just tacky enough is not a great method at all.

In any case, I really love the effect and it’s perfect for adding small gold foil embellishments, like the heart I added to this travel pouch. All you need is fabric, foil, glue and an iron. Check out the quick video below for all the instructions.

Clearsnap Designer Foil – GoldMine, 3 pack
Mod Podge or other glue
sponge or paintbrush

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Watch It Wednesday

LOVE-Valentine-Waffle-Flower-Crafts-Sabrina-Alery-3Hi there friends! Have you heard about the new Watch It Wednesday series at Waffle Flower Crafts? It’s a 3x a month video segment teaching you new tricks, tips and techniques using your stamps and dies. Today I up with my first video – “Building Letters with Tiny Image Stamps.”

This technique is both fun and easy, not to mention a great way to get a little more mileage out of those small images included in your stamp sets. I’d love to see your versions! When you head over, please be sure to subscribe for lots more ideas coming your way. I’ll be up with a new video every 4th Wednesday. You can read the full post here and the video is also below for your convenience.

See you soon!


Nausea Pops

Note: This nausea pop recipe was originally shared in my old space [here]. Because it became so unexpectedly popular with nausea suffers experiencing both morning sickness and the effects of chemo treatment, I thought it would be helpful to include an updated version on this new site as well.


If you’ve experienced it at all, you know morning sickness is the worst! Especially when you just feel like you’re going to throw up instead of actually blowing over. The 1st trimester of my last pregnancy was really, really hard on me and I felt sick, It was a long two months.

But these frozen treats really helped me get through the day and actually out of bed in the mornings. Plus if you don’t feel like eating much you’re sure to get at least a serving or 2 of fruit. I won’t disclose how many hours were logged lying on the couch but it was a long while until I could walk to the backyard and back without being completely winded.

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Stenciled Valentines



Hey there! I’m up today on the Gossamer Blue blog and am sharing a tutorial for using the Dear Lizzy stencil that was included in the Add-On #2 to make a couple different stenciled valentine cards.

This first version uses the stencil with pigment ink on colored cardstock and includes a second layer of stamping on top. (The pretty Feather More dies are from Waffle Flower).

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